All of Me - Final Year Project May 2015

Project Description

This project is about identifying the use of underlying themes in existing video games and creating a 2D side scrolling game which explores the theme of alcoholism through the games mechanics inspired by my research.

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Project Details

  • Created in Unity 5 (Scripting in C#)
  • All Sprites hand drawn and coloured in with markers
  • Animations created in Unity using both stop frame animation and skeletal animation techniques

Games Details

  • Level falls apart over time, use potion to restore it to its original state
  • Tolerance for potion increases with each use, and the potion's effects become less effective
  • Use potion as a Molotov against large enemies
  • Platform mechanics such as wall-jumping and grappling
  • Puzzle elements such as moving platforms, fans, locked door and key puzzles
  • Variety of enemies across 8 levels, including 2 boss levels